Luoyang JCB Bearing Technology Co., Ltd

Luoyang JCB Bearing Technology Co., Ltd is a technical Inc,specialize in designing and manufacturing bearing and bearing parts. The company supplies an extensive range of bearings for automobiles, machine tool, mine machinery,port machinery, metallurgy machinery, power equipment and household appliances etc, we also supply the bearing parts for domestic and international bearing famous manufactories. Our product line covers bearings, bearing rings, steel balls, cages, seals, shields and other related parts. More clients in Europe, Americas, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa have sourced from us, among which more 90 percent keep repeating orders from us.> More.

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Recommended Product

Please learn more about slewing ring bearing ( turntable bearing) .


2.large precision thrust bearing The thrust (ball and roller ) bearing is widely adopted for precision machine tool or other precision machinery equipment by domestic and international custom. The bearing precision grade is fome P4 to P6, the product dimension range is from 200 mm to 5000 mm.

Please learn more about large precision thrust roller bearing .

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